1-18-24: Propane Draws 2.8M/bbls

Propane inventories drew down 2.8M/bbls for the week ending January 12th, 2024, and for the first time in a long time, the year over year inventory comparison is now in deficit.

Polar Vortex to Start the New Year?

Hey, the Polar Vortex may be making a visit near you….soon! What’s going on with the January forecast? We talk about that in today’s Propane Buzz, along with a look at the ride we took with propane prices in December that saw Conway close the month higher than TET for one of the few times in 2023.

6/4/23: Is History Telling Us Something?

The price of propane has been dropping steadily for the past 14 months…can we glean some direction by looking back through history? We take a crack at that in today’s Propane Buzz