Our team has 70+ years of experience in propane trading, supply chain management, propane wholesale, propane retail logistics and more


We educate our clients on how to maximize profitability from each component of their retail business and not just settle for ‘here’s your price’ negotiations


We can help you with physical supply, hedging strategies, annual supply planning, streamlined internal logistics and so much more


Effective July 2nd, 2019, the company formerly known as Citadel Gas Marketing, LLC has changed to to Flashpoint Energy Partners, LLC. The domain name has changed to  The company’s physical and mailing address, federal tax status and identification number, along with all partners and principals have not changed, only the name of the organization, the website and email addresses have changed.  The company was not, nor is not affiliated with Citadel Enterprise Americas LLC in any capacity.  All email addresses associated with will forward to corresponding email addresses effective immediately.  All email addresses will cease working on October 1st, 2019.


Flashpoint Energy Partners is powered by The Propane Buzz, the market leader for in-depth commentary and analysis of the propane industry and what impacts propane prices. Propane Buzz clients receive information packed updates on a daily basis.  An informed retailer is a more profitable retailer and The Propane Buzz will keep you in the know.

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We’re the ‘weather guys’ in the Propane Industry, powered by our meteorological partners  When you become a Flashpoint Energy Partners client, you not only get access to The Propane Buzz, but you’ll also have access to a team of professional meteorologists and their forecasts on a daily basis.

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