Propane Retail Valuation & Negotiation Services

There will come a time for most propane retail owners when they begin to consider the next phase of their lives…one that involves the sale of their retail business.  This can be a bittersweet process, as your business is like a member of the family.  You don’t want to entrust this business to just anyone, and you also want to receive the best value for all the hard work that went into building and growing the company.

Flashpoint Energy Partners can help you, as we have assisted propane retail owners successfully and profitably navigate these waters in the past.  We help you prepare for this transition well before you are ready to speak to companies who acquire retail companies.

There are a number of factors that go into the valuation process for a propane retail company. We share these factors with you, which can give you time to shore up your company where it may need some attention to provide the best valuation multiple.  We provide our clients with the information they need to present their business in the best light.  We also offer negotiation services, where we act as your approved intermediary with retail acquisition companies and help you receive top dollar for your company.

This is not a simple and easy process and emotions can come into play.  Hire us to take the stress out of this process when the day comes for you.

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