Producer Services

Understanding and managing the midstream/takeaway aspects of the energy business can be a challenge for companies who are more into the ‘production’ side of things than the ‘marketing’ side of things. Even if your organization has some knowledge and skill in this area, are you maximizing netbacks and returns? Are there other opportunities for you in regions of the country you are not experienced in, or are there better pricing efficiencies closer to home that are somehow being overlooked?  Would you like to cut back or eliminate the time you spend scheduling and moving your products and focus on the things you do best?  

Flashpoint Energy Partners is here to support you with our decades of experience in Producer Services, and we can help you maximize efficiency and profitability, providing you the best netbacks for your commodities.

Here are some of the areas Flashpoint Energy Partners can help you with:

  • Marketing Rights Contracts
  • Asset Management Agreements
  • NGL/Crude Brokering and Marketing
  • NGL/Crude Scheduling
  • Natural Gas Takeaway
  • Midstream Consulting, including
    • Negotiating G&P Deals
    • Optimizing Takeaway
    • Project Valuation
    • Contract Drafting

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