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Jon Miller



Jon Miller was born and raised in Iowa & Illinois and he began his energy career in 1996 with a Propane Wholesale company called Tri-Power Fuels, based out of Overland Park, Kansas.

Jon’s been analyzing propane and energy markets for the better part of two decades, spending a great deal of time in Propane Wholesale and assisting customers across the United States. He’s marketed on all of the major pipelines in the country during his career and has delivered propane to customers in over 30 states.

Jon also has experience with helping retail propane owners prepare for the sale of their businesses, as well as helping them negotiate the best valuation multiple and helping to navigate retail owners through the sales process, which is not a cut and dried process.

In addition to his time spent marketing physical barrels, Jon has spent a good deal of time helping his clients maximize their profitability by using all of the tools available to them, including financial products such as swaps, calls and puts and is well versed in such strategies.

Jon has been producing content and analysis for the past six years under The Propane Buzz banner and has a wide range of subscribers; industry traders, NPGA board members, state propane association presidents, propane consulting companies, propane wholesalers, key team members from some of the largest corporations in the energy industry and propane retail owners and energy managers. The Propane Buzz is a part of Flashpoint Energy Partners, just one piece of what the company offers to the propane industry.

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