flash-point | A moment of dramatic change

Flashpoint Energy Partners (FEP) was founded on January 1st, 2019.  The goal of the  founders is to provide propane retailers across the United States with the opportunity to maximize their profit margins through key channels:

  1. Reliable & Opportunistic Supply Optionality
  2. Fixed Priced Risk Mitigation
  3. Supply Chain Consulting
  4. Market Leading Information, Analysis & Commentary

In many important areas, the propane industry is still operating similarly to how it was in the 1990’s;  Suppliers tell the retailers what their prices are, how they will sell them the gas and where they will pick it up from.  Retailers are left with little leverage and unable to optimize each of the components that go in to make up the price of propane.

Flashpoint Energy Partners will bring dramatic change to our industry, helping retailers gain control of the factors that are controllable.  We shine light into the areas where a retailer can gain leverage.  We equip retailers with the knowledge and tools to maximize profit margin from areas of their business they may not be optimizing.  We educate retailers about the components of propane price and show them how to maximize profitability from each component, which has a trickle down impact to a retailer’s bottom line.

We’d love to earn your business by showing you the ways you can optimize your business.

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Jon Miller


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Adam Kemp

Energy Consultant

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Energy Consultant

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